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John is a dear friend of my family and Vietnam vet.  He has been supportive of all of my efforts to help children!

This person is the son of a close personal friend who is studying to be a doctor. He has been on other medical trips to places such as China as well as to. He is very sincere and honest in what he says and what he is doing, any money you could donate (no matter how small) for his next trip to Peru would be greatly appreciated, all of the funds go directly to the selfless work he and others are doing to help out those in need. Thank you 


'What you think about you bring about'


Devy is, obviously, my cousin...

Awesome work you are my cousin, and such a wonderful person to give up your time and life to helping others. I am unbelievly proud of you~!

Devy Gates


Words of encouragement from some other donors and supporters...

Awesome thing you are doing - Pamela

We need more people like you in the world. Safe travels:) - Tanja

You are amazing-all your good deeds. - Hedy

Here's a letter from a mother of two that was in China with me and was able to see the school and meet the children.  She was so moved, she and her husband decided to help me finish the playground!

Dear Mama Zhang,

                 I am so pleased to have met you and the beautiful children at Xin Xin. It was an amazing experience for me to witness the love that you have for all of your children. My husband and I and our two daughters would like to make a donation to your school for moreplayground equipment. I hope that it can help you and the children. Thank you so much for all of your hospitality during my visit, it meant a lot to me. I am so thankful that I got to meet you finally. You are an amazing woman with a wonderful heart and I truly think the name of your school is perfect. I hope to return to China again one day with my family, and if we do I would love to come visit you and the children at Xin Xin. My thoughts will always be with you.




This is an email from another student that was in China and visited the kindergarten.  She is a pre-med student that is putting herself through school by waiting tables.  When she met the kids at Xin Xin, she had to be a part of it!

Most generous and compassionate Mama Zhang,


            The students at your school are amazing.  They are a reflection of the care and affection given by you, your staff and volunteers.  While I cannot do what you do, I have limitless respect for the role you play. 

            I brought a certain amount of money with me to China, and what I didn’t spend I decided to leave with you. My only hope is that my donation can enrich the quality of your kids’ lives.  I have so much that I take for granted, it is better to let this money be put towards something that will give joy to your children, even for one afternoon, than to spend it on myself.

            Thank you for the fresh watermelon, peaches, and tomatoes. They reminded me of home when I was far.



                                                With respect, 



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