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I wanted to share a story... feeling rather down about the low turn out at the first benefit, I came home to find a card from a friend that had recently lost her job.  Inside the card was a donation for the children of Heart to Heart.  I was literally moved to tears.  This selfless act is the epitome of what I believe is inside each and everyone of us! Shortly after that, I received another donation, this time from her puppets (she has a handful of them).  They had decided to donate the money they had been saving to buy themselves costumes at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

I hope her example is as moving for you as it was for me.  If you can find the room in your life and your budget... the kids can really use your help!  Please consider a donation.

Later, while I was in China, Ever made another donation.  When I asked her if she was okay with making the donation and if she was financially able to, she replied:

My God said, "Yes."  I am always lead by the Spirit and not by fear.  I am financially fine.
Here is another reason:  My mom, brother,and I lived in a house without heat, food, electricity, and basic necessitites often. Neighbors and family members noticed, but no one helped us except my grandparents.  The situation was obvious because it was visible; people talked about us and teased us and were cruel but made no action to help us.  It always will bother me when the evidence is right in front of us, and we do nothing--that says a lot more about us than the people who need our help.   
Children need joy and peace, and they find it in the smallest places and comforts.  I use to go to a playground at a man made beach that took about an hour to walk to from my house.  I would swing as high as I could go and look out at the water in the fall and winter when no one was there.  I would find peace in the simple things around me.  Children always find a way to play.  Why should the children in the kindergarten class in China not have a safe, peaceful place to make good memories?
Don't worry about me.  On the inside, I will always be wealthy.  I have great gifts: a God who loves me and a great relationship with my maker, an incredible education, and time with my precious grandfather (one of the greatest gifts).
I don't feel sorry for the children.  I think the children deserve to be happy and safe.
Peace and blessings on you,

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