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We're back from our medical mission to Ayaviri & Macusani, Peru!  
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WOW!  I was awarded the Channel 7 Everyday Hero Award

 by Mitch Jelniker and the Children's Museum of Denver!
I'm still speechless!  Thank you!!!  

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       My interview on Shaanxi TV's "Hello, Nihao"    &     Me as Santa Claus at the Children's Museum
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Please take a moment to read this letter of appreciation and then be sure to visit the rest of the site! (Don't miss the video!)

To My Wonderful Donors & Supporters:

I want to take this opportunity, once again, to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your support in my many causes over the years, and especially through the hard(er) times too!

Over the course of the three day mission, we helped over 1500 patients at two different clinics high in the Andes!  You all helped me surpass my goal and raise thousands of dollars this time!  That money was spent directly on medical supplies and procedures! Besides the support for the overall mission, your direct monetary and supply donations specifically made it possible for us to:

  • Send a woman living with a severe hip fracture to get surgery so she can get her life back!
  • Provide safe, fun, loving childcare for hundreds of children
  • Remove teeth from people's mouths that were severely rotted and causing multiple other health issues
  • Perform on-site ultrasound and EKG tests for patients with serious health concerns
  • Send a man to Juliaca to get fit with a prosthetic leg so he can work again and support his family!
  • Supply everyone with sunglasses and locally grown rice and beans
  • Pay for x-rays to check for highly infectious tuberculosis in suspect patients
  • Provided additional lab tests for patients outside the ability of our humble clinic
  • Provide food, iron, and vitamins for all those in need
In fact, we performed and paid for several surgeries and specialist consultations outside of the regular care provided at the mission!


When the people of Pamplona-Alta heard last March that we were going to Ayaviri they exclaimed, "those people are really poor!"  Now that I've been there, I can only say, that the circumstance is completely different.  In Ayaviri, people had (very humble) homes built of mud bricks rather than shanties, and they had some infrastructure.  But, what we did see, was a lack of trust of one's neighbors and outsiders.  People would only open their door far enough to slip in and out.  Abuse of women was rampant.  Tuberculosis and hypertension were much more prevalent.  I can say, that although the level of poverty was debatable (as it is very subjective anyway) the level of need was much, much greater and we did our best to meet it.  The conditions were very taxing.  We were working at very high altitude with very little sleep sometimes with little food (especially in my case as a vegetarian) and usually without a warm shower.  Regardless, every member on our team was dedicated to the work they were doing and we never lost sight of the fact that these conditions are status quo for the people we served.  Some people on our team were affected by altitude sickness and ended up in bed on IV fluids and oxygen but they returned to work the very next day!  When all was said and done, we left a lasting impression through acts of love and humanity and I'm sure the crowds will be lining up again next year!


Please take a moment to view the photos and appreciate what your kindness has accomplished :)
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